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MORE CoS meta?!?


I was looking at that D/Kai/Sian/Steven post again, and I noticed something.

Here’s Steven. He’s sad. He’s worried. He’s worried about the Sian he knows and what’s happened to her, and he’s worried about what this could mean for FAN and their mission. He desperately wants Sian back.

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This. Not to mention, Heather had always been on tenuous terms with Sian - she stalked FAN for a long time, offered competition for Steven’s affections, challenged Sian on how to run the network, even never heard Sian get her name right. Heather is not exactly a follower… but she has the makings of a leader. Now, when Sian has lost consciousness and possibly sanity, she has to use the leadership skills everyone knows she has to be Sian. But she doesn’t take it lightly and doesn’t rejoice that she now is assuming power over the network. She takes responsibility and does her job. In a way, this is her official resolution of all the problems she had with Sian, at least for the time being. Now she is the new Sian. She is the faction leader. She is Falkon.

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